“Audrey is a wonderful editor because not only does she have impeccable taste, but she also has the rare ability to home in on exactly what you, the writer, are trying to say and she has the experience to show you how best to say it. She also respects writers’ individuality. Working with Audrey, I have always felt that she was using her considerable talents to make my work better, whilst always allowing me to retain my own voice where someone else might try to substitute their own. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her – she will make your writing shine.”

Rachel O’Cleary, Award-winning Flash Fiction writer

“Audrey is gifted with a keen editorial eye and her insight much improved my short fiction.
Prior to working with her, my stories were reaching the long and short list in competitions but failing to be placed and I was struggling to see where and how I might improve my writing. Audrey carefully examined my work and was able to give encouraging and supportive feedback.
She critiqued my story with sensitivity, asking key questions about language, structure, characterisation and rhythm. Her detailed evaluation, right at the very sentence level, really helped polish my story to the highest standard. She was able to pinpoint exactly where my work needed further development and with her help, I finally had my first competition win!  Her constructive feedback proved to be absolutely invaluable!”

Kathy Hoyle Winner Retreat West Quarterly Themed Flash competition June 2021

Libary shelf with fairy lights
Photo by Valentin Antonini

“Audrey worked magic on my original synopsis. She homed in on details that matter as if she’d read the novel (she hadn’t). She gave me expert advice and guidance on changes I could usefully make and highlighted the information I needed to focus on. As a result, I came out with a synopsis that’s a much more concise and accurate description of the book, and one that I feel confident to send to agents. Audrey gave her advice freely and professionally, and I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Lizzie Eldridge, Novelist

It was a real pleasure to work with Audrey on my synopsis. She was able to get to the heart of my story really quickly and give practical suggestions both in terms of what was/wasn’t required to outline succinctly and elements that needed expanding on. I came away with a new, tighter version and clarity on what title to use when submitting to agents.

Duncan Hodgson, freelance writer

“Audrey is an encyclopaedia of knowledge and has helped and advised me countless times when I’ve been stuck with my novel. Audrey uses her excellent judgement to explain what’s not working and – crucially – why it isn’t. She always has multiple suggestions and resources to explain how to get unstuck and how to fix and improve a story.”

Emily Jupp, Journalist and playwright

When I worked with Audrey, I had been editing the opening chapters of my creative non-fiction manuscript for a few months in preparation for submitting it to a couple of competitions and agents. Not only was she brilliant at spotting typos and niggling little inconsistencies in my writing, but she also gave really helpful overarching feedback about the key themes emerging from the beginning of the book. Audrey’s fresh eyes and editor’s perspective really helped me pin down what I wanted to share with the reader in those opening pages, and gave me the confidence to continue with the rest of my redraft.

Bridget Helen Hamilton

‘Inexperienced, unconfident and  struggling, I had a first draft of my memoir and I didn’t know what to do with it. Audrey’s mentoring has been comprehensive, rigorously analytic yet sympathetic, and professional. If you want to get published you have to listen even when she’s critical. Over and above that, and especially important to me, her commentary is psychologically perceptive. Her editorial report has made me rethink the structure of the story and her chapter-by-chapter feedback has the reassuring effect of suggesting how to improve each one. As a result of working with her I see how to write a better second draft.’

Kirsteen Tait, Novelist, Break These Chains